Thank you for saving my son…
September 14, 2014 there were 11 of us at the racetrack in Rogersville for the biggest race of the year. It was Saturday, Adam (11 years old then) kept complaining of a headache. His head was so bad he didn’t want to race his JR Dragster and he laid inside the RV most of the day and night.Click Here to Read More

At the end of the night, Lucy came home with me (8 years old then) instead of staying at the track. Because she came home her little cousin Hannah, stayed with her parents in their semi sleeping quarters. Sunday morning, my mom, Lucy and I got up and headed to Springfield to go shopping. As we left Zach called and wasn’t feeling good. Severe headache and had woke up at 6:00 am throwing up. I told them I would meet them in Rogersville at the gas station to pickup Zach. When we got to the gas station I saw Zach. I will never forget it. He was literally green and looked horrible. His grandma was throwing up, Adam was sick and Stanley wasn’t feeling the best. I got Zach in the car and rushed to Urgent Care. He could hardly hold his head up. His head was hurting intensely, he was getting more green. When we go to Urgent Care, I told them at the desk he needed seen now. He either had spinal meningitis or carbon monoxide poisoning and if they could not see him quickly, I was going to ER. They looked at him and said to go to ER. We got to St. John’s ER and I told them the same thing. They immediately took him back. Tested him for carbon monoxide and his level was so high. His level was 13 and the doctor told me that they do autopsies on people with a level of 9. They hooked him up and started getting meds and IVs going. He was SO SO sick and was SO SO very blessed. I called his dad. They all needed tested. Linda was so sick by time she got home she could only make it to Aurora hospital, Adam went to Cox hospital and they were hooking him up to get his levels down. All three of them were deathly ill and are very blessed to be here. Looking back at the events and seeing what God did is just a miracle. IF Lucy had stayed at the racetrack, Hannah would have stayed in the RV with her. At the time they were just small girls and only weighed probably 80ish pounds. IF everyone would have went to bed at a descent time instead of 1 am then that would have been even longer in the RV getting that poison. IF Zach had not woke up at 6 am throwing up they could have slept another 3-5 hours in that carbon monoxide and not made it? God definitely had Zach in the palm of his hand. And I am so very thankful and know that is the only way I still have Zach with me.
~Nicole M. ~