We will make you feel like family!

If you are thinking about visiting, we would love to have you. Some people get nervous when visiting a new church so here are some details on what you can expect on Sundays to make you feel a little more comfortable.

How long is service?
Service starts at 9:30 am and is usually over around 11:15 am.

What about kids?
If you are visiting and have children bring them into the main seating area. Once we finish worshipping, they can go downstairs for kid’s church, if you would rather keep them with you that is perfectly fine as well. Don’t worry about them interrupting they are welcome to be part of the church and we encourage them to. If you need a quite place for them we have a cry room where the service can be heard while your child plays.

How do people normally dress?
Blue jeans, shirt and cowboy boots are the norm for most of our ladies and gentlemen. We are very casual clothing, leggings, dresses and dress pants are also seen each Sunday!